Company History

Welch and Co.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you own a home and are thinking about moving, buying a new home is a major decision. From personal to financial to market considerations, you’ll need to weigh a lot of factors and information along the way.

The Mortgage Professionals

Voted the Top Canadian Mortgage Brokerage in 2020 and finalist for Ontario Mortgage Brokerage of the Year 2020.


Kingston’s The Mortgage Professionals is the largest mortgage brokerage in Eastern Ontario.


Since 1989, our mortgage brokers have won awards nationally and locally as some of the best mortgage brokers in Canada.

We have access to low mortgage rates, as well as the expertise to help you choose the mortgage right for you!


Many mortgage companies only care about getting you to sign on the dotted line. At Welch and Co., we believe in working with our clients to help them reach home ownership in a way that works best for them. This is why we believe in being more than a dotted line.

Our Mission

To be the leader in mortgage solutions through education and advice; to prepare each of our clients towards rewarding home ownership.

Our Vision

We will change the way you look at a mortgage through clear and concise education. We will provide tools and strategies for our future and existing home owners, thereby ensuring a down-to-earth, smooth customer experience. Mortgages are more than just signing on the dotted line, and we truly believe that!

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